EnhanceTM Technology: A Platform for Solving Clinical Limitations

EnhanceTM Technology is a proprietary chemistry technology for solving clinical limitations such as bioavailability, safety, efficacy and stability. EnhanceTM Technology uses generally-recognized-as-safe (GRAS) compounds to improve drugs at the molecular level. These changes affect the drug’s physicochemical (solubility, permeability, melting point, etc.) and pharmacokinetic (bioavailability, onset, and absorption) properties. Although the pharmacokinetics of the drug are changed, neither the pharmacology nor the pharmacodynamics of the drug are changed. There is no change to the basic drug-protein target interaction. From the perspective of pharmacokinetics, EnhanceTM Technology impacts absorption but does not change distribution, metabolism, or excretion of the drug.

EnhanceTM Technology Can Solve Clinical Limitations By:

  • Changing the route of delivery from IV-only to oral administration
    • Eliminates cost of administration and increases patient convenience
  • Reducing IV, IM or SC suspension and reconstitution problems
  • Reducing PK variability
  • Improving safety, reduced side effects and toxicity
  • Reducing polymorphic proliferation, improving stability
  • Increasing speed of onset of action:
    • Expands patient population by repositioning chronic drugs for acute uses
  • Managing product lifecycle:
    • New composition-of-matter IP
    • Cost-effective and time-efficient regulatory approach with 505(b)(2) filings