About Us

Thar Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a clinical-stage, specialty pharmaceutical company that reinvents known, safe, on-the-market drugs by improving clinical performance, economic benefits and patient convenience. The company focuses on transforming intravenous (IV) drugs into oral drugs for existing and new indications. Thar’s lead product T121 is a composition-of-matter patented, oral version of Novartis’ IV-only Zometa or zoledronic acid.

Thar is developing T121 in a Phase 3 program for the treatment of complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) and has a very clear path from the regulatory agencies for its development. CRPS is an orphan disease with no approved therapies by FDA or EMA. CRPS that typically effects the extremities, and is characterized by significant pain, edema, limited range of motion, vasomotor instability, and patchy bone demineralization.


Improving the Patient Experience

Improving the patient experience is an integral part of solving clinical limitations of existing drugs. Not only are there clinical or chemistry limitations of existing drugs such as low solubility or bio availability, but there are also challenges to patients such IV-only drugs with long, painful infusion periods over hours in a day. Thar Pharmaceuticals’ new oral versions of drugs can offer patients more convenience, comfort, activity and mobility than IV-only drugs. Oral drugs also save time and cost less, which benefits patients, insurance companies and healthcare companies.

Product Pipeline

Thar Pharmaceuticals focuses on transforming IV drugs into oral drugs for both the drug’s existing and new indications, and is quickly developing a pipeline of drug candidates using its proprietary Enhance™ technology platform. Thar’s lead program, T121, has five issued composition-of-matter patents in the US and overseas and is the only composition-of-matter protected molecule being developed for CRPS.

Thar Pharmaceuticals

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