Thar Pharmaceuticals reinvents known, safe, on-the-market drugs by improving their clinical performance and economic benefits. We focus on transforming parenterally-administered drugs (e.g. intravenous (IV) drugs) into orally administered drugs, thereby increasing patient convenience and eliminating the cost of IV drug administration, a $34 billion annual worldwide healthcare cost paid by health systems, patients and insurers. Through the application of our proprietary chemistry technology, Thar changes a drug’s pharmacokinetic (PK) profile (i.e. how the drug affects the human body) and those PK changes can enable switching the route of administration, improving efficacy or safety, improving speed of onset, or targeting new or expanded patient populations.

Since we start with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved drugs, we significantly reduce risk as we already know the safety, efficacy and market success of the drug. We entirely skip drug discovery and many of the high-risk steps in drug development. Our platform technology allows us to wrap a new, 20-year composition of matter patent life around the drug. We follow a faster and less expensive development path using FDA 505(b)(2) regulatory filings.


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